Cannabis (Dupetit)

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat:  I inhaled.  Deeply, frequently, and thoroughly.   So I speak from experience when I tell you that Cannabis smells like its name-- at least for the first three seconds, which counts as a healthy toke.

Rare is the perfume that startles you into raucous laughter on the very first spray.  I found myself giggling helplessly, remembering the day my mother learned that those strange little hybrid seedlings scattered amid her prized tomato vines were my brother's budding pot farm.  Naturally, she didn't think it was all that hilarious, but how could we not laugh?  She was a Certified Master Gardener, for godsake-- the least she should have known how to do was tell Cannabis sativa from Solanum lycopersicum!

Actually, hindsight reveals why it was so difficult for Mom to make that distinction.  The essential oils contained in those spidery green pot leaves smelled so similar to the acrid green scent of tomato stems that Mom actually pinched them back without suspecting a thing.  Similarly, as Cannabis' top notes of grapefruit peel, citronella oil, herb-of-grace, and catmint coalesce into a hologram of a big phat sticky bud, you may not be able to hold back a round of applause.  Righteous, man!

Fortunately, others will be just as clueless as Mom about your fragrance of choice if you apply it far enough in advance. Cannabis is an eau de toilette, ergo not very tenacious; it sticks around just long enough to impress you with its resemblance to the chronic, then melts into a very nice, muted allspice-and-tomato-jam fragrance that won't make your colleagues in Human Resources nervous.  Still, you might not want to wear this while driving the company van... and for godsake, go easy on the application.  Drug rule #1: Know your limit.

Scent Elements: Cannabis flower/seed absolute (THC-free), petitgrain, neroli, clove bud, Sambac jasmine, patchouli, hesperides, and many other herbs, spices, roots, barks, and mosses-- all natural, all earth-friendly, all kynd.