Daphne (Lord's Jester)

Why do you follow me?—
Any moment I can be
Nothing but a laurel-tree.

Any moment of the chase
I can leave you in my place
A pink bough for your embrace.

Yet if over hill and hollow
Still it is your will to follow,
I am off;—to heel, Apollo!

--"Daphne", Edna Millay, 1922

Daphne by Lord's Jester is like no fragrance I have ever smelled before.  It leaves me dizzy and puzzled, certain only that I -- being no more than mortal -- lack the vocabulary to describe divinity.

This inadequacy might stem from the fact that my nose has been made lazy by its contact with synthetics. Manmade aromachemicals express in the least number of molecules what natural essences take hundreds of molecules to say.  When one has mostly been exposed to snappy one-liners, hearing an epic sung aloud by a multitude can be an overwhelming experience. So it goes with Daphne. I breathe it in and am rendered dumb.

The difference between synthetic and natural goes beyond molecule counts. Daphne's creator, Adam Gottschalk, explains on his website that natural aromatics contain measurable life force. Daphne is his proof: teeming with biological wisdom, it throws off a field of energy that has to be experienced to be believed. It emanates presence in a way few perfumes ever will.

Around every corner, a new fascination awaits. Brandied fruit notes melt into smoky leathers; prickly floral notes wind through virtual forest glades.  This may be the closest I come to walking on mythical faery ground; when it wears off, I half expect to find that fifty years have elapsed in an eyeblink.  But Daphne comes with its own inbuilt loophole.  Almost twenty-four hours after application, its sweet eldritch song still plays-- morphing, changing, never repeating itself.   This spell shows no sign of wearing thin.

A fragrance can be described as well-rounded, multi-faceted, or many-layered without ever allowing you beneath the surface.  Impossibly rich and complex, Daphne pulls you into another dimension, more inner than outer and filled with a universe of detail.

Scent Elements: Bergamot, tangerine, mandarin, grapefruit, cypress, ginger, tagetes, immortelle, frangipani, magnolia, jasmine, rose, oakmoss, benzoin, labdanum, vanilla, tonka, pine needle, styrax, ambergris