Yohji Homme (Yohji Yamamoto)

Do you want to smell a miracle? Try this one. It launches itself from the skin in a swirl of dry herbs, then ushers in a lighthearted lavender, smiling and ready to dance. Previously, lavender had promised all its waltzes to a small but predictable pool of suitors -- bergamot, lemon, oakmoss. But when coffee and rum arrive at the ball, that dance card makes its way into the punchbowl quicker than a chaperone can say, "Well, I never."

As the orchestra leader signals a two-step, coffee takes lavender by the hand-- and Yohji Homme umbrellas into a mouthwatering accord that seems like a distillate of virility itself. What a wondrous thing it is when an idea's time finally arrives! Yet at no time does Yohji Homme get cocky or overstate its brilliance. There's a natural humility worked into this fragrance's formula; it speaks its genius softly, but rest assured-- the right people always hear.

Scent Elements: Coriander, bergamot, anise, lavender, licorice, rum, coffee, cinnamon, leather