Chergui (Serge Lutens)

Pushing to write and post a perfume review every two days takes a toll on a girl, especially since daily life has an insidious way of pursuing its own agenda regardless of the reviewer's intentions.  Luckily for beleaguered bloggers, Chergui removes the burden by smelling simply excellent in all ways.

You'd be right in thinking that you've encountered this honey-tobacco-musk accord before.  The entire genre of cultured, gentlemanly, brandy-and-Woodbines-by-the-mantel masculines fairly teems with it.  But are any as well-executed, as addictive, as faithful as Chergui?  The day's obstacles become more surmountable, its battles more winnable, when one has the succor and sanctuary of such a fragrance to bolster one's resources... and such is its longevity on skin that you will throw in the towel long before it does.

This may be wishful thinking, but wearing Chergui is like having a virtual armchair into which to sink gratefully during the odd moment of downtime.  The fire is blazing, the biscuits are neatly stacked on the plate, and the sherry's an Amontillado, circa 1950...

Relax.  It's quitting time.

Scent Elements: Tobacco leaf, honey, orris, sandalwood, amber, musk, incense, rose