El Attarine (Serge Lutens)

Serge Lutens' El Attarine is named after the Medersa el-Attarin, a 14th century religious school located on the perimeter of the perfume souk in the Moroccan city of Fes. It could also have been named Halwa, because it smells like the carrot-orange sweet served in Indian and Near Eastern restaurants.  It could also have been named Arabie Eau Légère, because it appears to be Arabie's sweet-citrus base duly deprived of all the stuff that made Arabie interesting.  I get the citrus and honey parts (good god, I smell like an orange LifeSaver!) but the immortelle (a beloved note I can normally zero in on no matter how homeopathically small the dose) is lost on me-- unless it's that fleeting ghee note that once more reinforces the impression that the post-tandoori dessert course has arrived.  It's not bad, it's just simultaneously incomplete and redundant, like Guerlinade-- a smell, to be sure, but not a perfume. 

Scent Elements: Citrus, immortelle, honey, musk