Inner Sanctum (DSH Perfumes)

Back in high school, a friend of mine achieved the ultimate street cred when his parents kicked him out of the house. They happened to own a local restaurant, at which toiled a half-dozen migrant Mexican line cooks. These kind-hearted gentlemen took pity on my friend and gave him shelter at the abandoned farmhouse they occupied as squatters.

Hidden from the world by a thick screen of wild rose vines, they all lived together in fraternal peace-- cooking communal meals on a Sterno camp stove and pitching in to keep their shack spotlessly clean. Visiting them there, I was deeply struck by the monastic simplicity of their lives. Amid the flickering light of candles in thick glass jars emblazoned with the visage of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, they pooled their dreams of better days to be earned through hard work and faith.

Even today I remember the sleepy buzz of bees among the wild roses, the green tapestry of honeysuckle vines, the damp, musty smell of rotting wood, the accumulated smoke of cheap copal and nag champa incense burned in coffee cans, the ozonic scent of summer thunderstorms.... and when I wear Inner Sanctum, those days of hope in the face of hardship are seamlessly resurrected.

Scent Elements: Bulgarian rose otto, sandalwood, amber, moss, oud, Arabian myrrh