Roseberry (Les Parfums de Rosine)

You would think I'd have learned by now that the luck of the draw is not the most reliable avenue to happiness. Exhibit A: this decant of Les Parfums de Rosine Roseberry, which I purchased for fifty cents and which, I assure you, is worth every penny. With exactly twice as many pennies, I could buy a bottle of liquid dish soap at the local dollar store. Cheap as it is, it would undoubtedly smell better than cassis-soaked cardboard. I could then use it to gratefully scrub all traces of Roseberry away, after which would I choose something more worthy from my backlog of untried scents, rather than reaching blindly (as I did this morning) and snatching up the first thing my fingers touched.

One gets pricked by thorns that way.

Scent Elements: Aldehydes, blackberry, cassis, chamomile, rose, raspberry leaf, sandalwood, vetiver, iris