Kiki Extrait de Parfum (Vero Profumo)

I am bone tired. I have slept a total of six hours over the last forty-eight, and I can't maintain any sort of focus.  The only thing keeping me vertical today is Vero Kern's marvelous Kiki.  Consequently, she has got her hands full.

Unless someone donates their secret stash of René Lalique decorative hair combs to the local Goodwill, I can state with conviction that Kiki is as close to a wearable Art Nouveau masterpiece as I'm ever going to get. Its basic structure -- lavender, citrus, animalics -- is a tip-of-the-hat tribute to that fin de siècle lavender giant, Jicky; it evokes both the jewel tones of a Louis Comfort Tiffany wisteria window and the sunset glow of a Maxfield Parrish illustration. But Kiki is no mere anachronism. The modern garçonne is not content to stop at the surface; her designs, as you can see, go deeper.  (Some are even permanent.).  Kiki is tailored for her bare skin-- and she is prepared to show a lot of it, glistening pale under the lights of the boulevard at night.

Let her shine.  I'm going to bed.

Scent Elements: Lavender, bergamot, citron, passionfruit, geranium, caramel, patchouli, musk