Prophecy (DSH Perfumes)

In the perfume world -- as in Western art -- Orientalism's fan club is a sizable one. Its pin-up girls are fair-haired, phlegmatic beauties who enjoy long, lazy days of captivity in the Sultan's seraglio, clad in little else but transparent gauze and costume jewelry à la Ingres' Grand Odalisque. Have you got that image fixed in your mind? Now imagine a gigantic Peep® recumbent on the bed instead of the girl, and you have a fairly good idea of where Prophecy is coming from.

When I first popped the cap on this one, I did a double-take. How the hell did Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab get in here? This is the hugest, girliest, most sugary-dreamy DSH fragrance I've tried yet, and it just keeps getting bigger and sweeter. Soon it will attain the girth (and tiny tutu) of that lusty lady hippo from Disney's Fantasia and back me into a corner with a few well-timed pirouettes. And I will love every minute of it.

I'm not saying that "pink marshmallow incense" is a fragrance impossibility, nor am I saying it's unpleasant once you try it. But if this is the Orient, I'm Angela Lansbury.

Scent Elements: Amber, sandalwood, Himalayan cedar, incense