Canali Men (Canali)

Agrumata, speziata, fiorita, legnoso, cuoio. Hesperidic, spicy, flowery, woody, leathery. So says the sample card-- but one sniff tells me that the Canali Man is none of these things. Rather, he's fifty-five, overweight, divorced "but looking", given to wearing overbright rayon aloha shirts when he's in a party mood, which is all the time! The pockets of his pleat-front khakis bulge with his outmoded jumbo cell phone and a wallet bursting with shots of his kids, which he always displays on first (and henceforth last) dates. He calls women 'ladies' because he thinks it's chivalrous but fails to understand that the way he says it (Weeellll, hel-LOOO ladies!) causes females to scatter at his approach. This saddens him, for he desperately wants to be liked. Unfortunately, I cannot oblige him. He is too cloying, clinging, insistent; he comes on too strong and leaves me queasy and needful for air.

For actual agrumata, speziata, fiorita, legnoso, and cuoio, buy yourself some Paco Rabanne Pour Homme.

Scent Elements: Bergamot, mandarin, pineapple, apple, nutmeg, cardamom, coriander, lily-of-the-valley, jasmine, violet, orange blossom, leather, suede, iris absolute, guaiac wood, cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver, tonka bean, amber, oakmoss.