L'Eau de L'Eau (Diptyque)

This past Sunday, my husband and I ventured out together into the midday heat for a round of day-off errands-- laundry, groceries, the usual. When we returned, we found our front door open. Well, not just open... busted open. The lock had been broken, the strikeplate torn off, and the very door frame cracked by the force of someone's desire to get inside. Yet not a single thing in our second-floor apartment had been taken-- or even touched, from the looks of it. All this happened in broad daylight, in full view of the street, unnoticed by our neighbors. A mystery.

Can't say we care much for mysteries chez Olenska.

After a lovely visit from our helpful local police force, we barricaded the now-useless front door with furniture and spent Sunday night in a state of sleepless high alert, twitching at every tiny cricket chirp in the neighborhood. On Monday, our landlord arrived to rebuild our front door, replacing hinges and strikeplates, adding new locks and deadbolts, and shaking his head over the whole amazing tale. He especially liked our jury-rigged "security alarm"-- empty glass bottles attached in pairs to the door handles via rubber bands. (Thanks to DC for the crafty tip!)

Today -- three new locks, two new keys, and six hours of exhausted, dreamless sleep later -- I feel safer but infinitely tired, as if my spouse and I had gotten swept up in an out-of-control cross-country marathon that deposited us this morning at our respective workplaces. The extent to which my peace of mind has been shaken? I didn't even realize I'd forgotten to put on perfume until an hour into my shift. Incroyable!

Luckily, Carol's Bag of Wonderful held a healing potion for me in my time of need. I reached in blindly and pulled out Diptyque's L'Eau de L'Eau-- the perfect choice, since it smells just like a delicious cup of chai, all muted spices and milky benzoin bent on soothing rattled nerves. It dries down to a cool murmur of a scent that at present feels as sweetly smooth and reassuring as a microfiber fleece blanket. You would think that such a thing would be contraindicated in the summer heat, but today, I truly welcome its comfort.

The week started rough; I hope it ends soft-- for all of you, as well as for us. Be safe and well, everyone.

Scent Elements: Green mandarin, ginger, cinnamon, benzoin