Meerschaum Parfum Absolute and Demi-Absolute

Artist Liz Zorn is a nomad of creativity, migrating from sense to sense and building temples of innovation wherever her gypsy feet lead. Soivohle is her sojourn through the land of the olfactory-- and Meerschaum is a holy chrism of rare feeling and resonance, a worthy memento of a personal pilgrimage.

Here, tobacco takes on the smoky intensity of Mysore sandalwood, with a salty-lactonic back note reminiscent of freshly rendered ghee. Strangely, I'm reminded of an old hippie cookbook I used to have wherein could be found a recipe for something called Sacred Butter. The tobacco used to make it was... well, of another species altogether, if you take my meaning. But it was (as Meerschaum may well be) guaranteed to provide visions of all levels of heaven.

What's the difference between the Absolute and the Demi? A mere shade of richness and longevity. Both are stunning and provide (for this perfumista, anyway) a glorious introduction to the world of Soivohle.

Scent Elements: Tobacco, spices, cedar, chamomile, amber, moss, flowers