Orange Blossom Cologne (Sanborns)

After yesterday's soul-killing drudgery (i.e. having to wear Let It Rock all day at work, where there is no shower), I wanted a simple fragrance to scour away residual painful memories. Luckily, Bloody Frida gifted me with a goodly decant of Sanborns Orange Blossom Cologne (AKA Agua De Colonia Flor De Naranja), which I duly tapped for the task.

I am pleased to report that it's doing the job beautifully. Just as Frida described, this unpretentious (yet curiously fulfilling) soliflore smells like the beach in a bottle-- sun, sand, topaz surf, tiny puffy clouds riding marine breezes across an aquamarine sky. Powerfully floral at first, it calms into a delicious skin-scent with the help of its resident pheromonal musk, pentadecalactone. Its indoles are very well behaved, though an overenthusiastic initial application revealed an unfortunate (and truth be told, rather suggestive) bleach-and-Elmers-Glue top note which took some time to dissipate. Once it cleared, however, I found Sanborns to be one relaxing beach-blanket of a fragrance.

Which is a good thing, because I've got a long night shift ahead of me... and if I can't go the beach, by god, the beach will have to come to me.

Scent Elements: Orange blossom, musk.