32°N and 64°W (Lili Bermuda)

Thus far, you may be under the impression that Lili Bermuda is strictly a port o' call for the ladies. But rest assured, he-men suffer no neglect in these waters... and with scent offerings like these, you lasses may find yourselves angling to "borrow" a spritz from your chosen buccaneer.

32°N is very competent marine citrus accord differentiated from others of its genre by a refreshing sourness that reminds me why my favorite part of the lemon is the rind.  I would like very much to chill this fragrance in the freezer like a worthy limoncello and serve it up to my pulse points ice cold, just to see what would happen.  Also, I would swear there's calone in here, but I'm so used to it being improperly utilized (i.e. dumped in by the barrelful) that to encounter just a touch of it seems novel to the point of being avant-garde.  Nicely done.

A quick sniff from the lip of the sample vial made me think that 64°W might simply be 32°N at a slightly stronger concentration-- citrus and sea air, amplified. But on skin, it's obvious that there is much more going on here than a mere boost of volume. At once sweeter and smokier than its partner, 64°W harbors real heat between its cool hesperidic notes, including a cedar-sandalwood accord so beautifully ruddy I want to hold my palms out to it as if to a crackling campfire. Everywhere I turn, there's a new dimension unfolding-- hale woods, handsome spices, dry herbs, purifying balsams. Best of all, 64°W lasts long enough for the wearer to discover every one of its facets. A fragrance that underpromises and overdelivers? Yes, please.

Now, I'm not usually one for layering fragrances one atop the other, unless the perfumer expressly wishes it so. But the christening of these two fragrances after the latitude and longitude of Bermuda practically begs for them to be combined in some way. So I applied both -- one north to south, the other east to west, naturally -- to see what brave new world might emerge at the juncture of these coordinates of scent.

My friend JC refers to Andy Tauer's Incense Extrême simply as "Montauk"-- as in "I'm wearing Montauk today." To her mind, it contains absolutely every sensation, emotion, memory, and reflection of beauty that she has ever associated with that fabled peninsula, and every time she wears it provides an opportunity to renew her connection to the ideal. Because I have never been to Bermuda (a fact I shall have to remedy one of these days), I have decided in similar fashion to rename this combination "Makena Bay"-- a blissful place where nothing came between me, the sky, and my tribe except an invisible layer of Pacific Ocean salt and a curl of smoke from our communal bonfire.

Enough said.

Scent Elements: Italian bergamot, lemon, mandarin, mint, woods, musk, amber (32°N); clementine leaves, grapefruit, patchouli, Bermuda cedar, pink and black peppercorns, coriander, wild sage, ginger, vetiver, red sandalwood, white musk, amber (64°W)