Art Collection #02 (Jacomo)

Nichts Schlimmeres könnte einem passieren, als vollkommen verstanden zu werden. 
-- Carl Gustavus Jung (1875-1961)
Summer is the season for the silk tree. I have already written about these alien pink flowers with their tasseled petals as fine as optical fiber and their equally delicate foliage, which shrinks from the lightest touch. This response (known as seismonasty) is a rejection of contact, powerful for its being so visibly demonstrated. On certain days, and in my own way, I resemble the silk tree more than it is possible for me to describe. I cannot bear direct gazes or rough handling; I pull away and turn inward in avoidance of the aggressive, the presumptuous, the over-familiar.

Art Collection #02 mirrors well the blurred edges of such moods, the retreat behind boundaries they prompt. Pale and soft, seemingly devoid of definition or strength, this ghostly accord nevertheless floats within the wearer's consciousness for a long time, occasionally brushing the senses with a touch so feathery -- so like a silk tree's petals -- that one is gripped with involuntary shivers.

Upon further inquiry, I find it interesting that the reticence I instinctively divine in #02 is quite by design. Jacomo originally proposed the Art Collection as an "anti-consensual" set of fragrances, and #02 in particular as "regressive" -- un peu enfantin (a bit childish), as stubbornness tends to be. And though other artist's media (such as pastels or clay) may crop up in conversation about this perfume, it continues to remind me most of the tiny almond-cherry-vanilla scented Japanese erasers we used to buy from mall shops like Pandemonium or Sanrio, sweet inconsequential mementos of a childhood fast slipping through our fingers.

But in truth, I confess to having a deeper motive for liking the eraser parallel best. Art Collection #02 gives me what I want most today: a scent that rubs every trace of me from your notice, that enables me to vanish from under your very nose.

Scent Elements: Bergamot, lily, tonka, vanilla, suede, amber, patchouli