Elixir de Patchouli (Reminiscence)

Today we're rained in but good. It's been pouring like Niagara Falls since dawn, and all plans to pursue errands like laundry or groceries have been gladly scotched. My pajama-clad spouse sits watching a DVD documentary about independent horror films, and I've got a lovely array of samples from JoanElaine spread out before me on the desk.

Now here's an interesting non-meteorological anomaly:  minutes after applying some Reminiscence Elixir de Patchouli, I found myself scrambling through the kitchen pantry in search of a box of Baker's unsweetened chocolate I'd squirreled away over the winter.  Butter, eggs, flour, sugar, walnuts... this weather's good for something after all! Within the hour, a vast pan of brownies will be entering a hot oven-- entirely thanks to perfume.

Patchouli fragrances are well known for producing chocolate holograms, most often of the dry, powdered-cacao variety. Elixir de Patchouli instead goes for moist 'n' gooey, summoning up visions of concentrated dark-chocolate goodness studded with all sorts of additions-- chocolate chunks, chopped nuts, and (who knows?) maybe a smidge of heavenly hash.  Mine will stop short of mind-altering... unless theobromide is your drug of choice, in which case we're all about to break bad.

While I wait for the oven timer to summon me back to the kitchen, I'll learn that Elixir de Patchouli is the "intense version" of a classic hippie fragrance released almost forty years ago by Parisian designers Zoé Coste and Nino Amaddeo. Its label declares it to be "Inoubliable!" (unforgettable), but just in case, there are four Reminiscence Patchoulis in all-- original, masculine, light, and this one.  I can't speak for the others, but Elixir de Patchouli is pretty mouth-watering-- dense, dark, smooth, sweet. I imagine its sister scents are worth discovering as well... on another day, maybe.

For now, I'll sit and smell the fragrance issuing forth from my oven, content in the knowledge that more than one sense will be gratified when the buzzer goes off.

Scent Elements: Patchouli, cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, tonka bean, balsam Tolu, Madagascar vanilla, musk