Fresh Water and South Water (Lili Bermuda)

If summer is a season best devoted to putting the lime in the coconut, these two fragrances are stepping-stones to time well spent.

Fresh Water
Sweet hesperides! There is so much citrus in here it literally stings the skin-- and yet, Fresh Water smells most like the two fruits conspicuously missing from its notes list: lemon and lime. In particular, it smells like lime sugar-- the result of blending freshly grated lime zest with loose sugar in a sealed jar for a month until every grain is imbued with the peel's scent and flavor. But like most fragrances built of volatile citrus accords, Fresh Water dissipates far too quickly-- a shame, as the pleasure it gives is inversely proportionate to its lifespan. Reapplication is a must, so stock up.

Scent Elements: Bigarade, bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, neroli, petitgrain

South Water
Let's let Nan tell you about it: "Yesterday was a fragile day and I felt like I needed a sure thing so I reached for South Water and I dabbed it on. Oh it might have been a rainy day in New Jersey but I spent the day walking down a street in the Caribbean. It wasn't a sand-in-your-toes beachy smell. Instead it gave me a spent-the-day-at-the-beach-and-am-now-walking-along-a-street-passing-a-cafe-where-people-are-drinking-pina-coladas feeling. It felt like Caribbean twilight. Very heavy coconut scent. But it wasn't sweet. No. Not too sweet. It was as crisp and fresh as white sea island cotton. Last night, at about 2 am I couldn't sleep. I thought of the South Water. I wished that it was still on my wrist..."  Try it just once, and so will you.

Scent Elements: Tangerine, ozone, coconut milk, guava, gardenia, cactus sap, sea salt, white musk