Parfum Sacré (Caron)

Sunset: it's blistering outside. The sycamore tree outside the window appears defeated, its leaves prematurely brittle, its prickly seed globes hanging heavy on stems too limp from heat exhaustion to properly bear their weight. Dusk, which ought to usher in shadowy relief, only brings claustrophobia; we open the windows to catch a breeze and find pitch-black airless night pressing like an interloper against the screens. Come the dawn -- always red and full of false promises of rain -- we trade guarded glances, whispered speculations: Will it break tonight? Tomorrow? Ever?

It's been this way for days and days. If we have any fight left in us at all, it's the ornery, chip-on-the-shoulder type that begs for someone, anyone, to just start something, please!

Because heat has a way of addling the mind and leading it toward rash decisions, this morning I sprayed myself lavishly with Parfum Sacré before heading out into the inferno. I acknowledge that my motives may have been somewhat murky, and I am willing to plead insanity-- for clearly no one in full control of their wits would wear a perfume this opulent or spicy during August. Honestly, spring or autumn or the cozy depths of December-- just not now.

But the atomizer finger, having sprayed, moves on... and after choosing in haste, I shall repent in pleasure.

Parfum Sacré is a scarlet she-devil who could lead me into any perversity, so long as her cool spice note waited somewhere in the ensuing mayhem. She is L'Heure Bleue minus the tears and regrets, Sacrebleu wearing a rose in her lapel instead of violettes des sorciers and tossing pinches of black pepper around to exorcise my demons. (I won't need them anymore-- she'll be my only one.) Clouds of her incense smoke will sanctify my every wrong move, and I will stay wrapped in her blanket of flowers and flame until the sidewalks melt into rivers of lava... or, you know, until the weather breaks, which it can do any old time.

Heat wave? I got your heat wave right here.

Scent Elements: Orange blossom, lemon, rose otto, jasmine, cedarwood, rosewood, cardamom, cinnamon, mace, pepper, myrrh, musk, civet, vanilla, incense