Pink and Coral (Lili Bermuda)

Few countries have a claim on an entire color the way Bermuda does on pink. Ireland's got green in the bag, of course, and Greece has the patent on blue and white. But for the rosy hues found on the inner whorls of a queen conch shell or the deep cerise of a tropical sunset, only Bermuda will do.

Famous, too, is that undulating skirt-hem of pink sand beach that the island of Bermuda dips daily into the Atlantic surf. Composed of pulverized pink coral blended with the usual white calcium seashell and quartz fragments, Bermuda's pink sand offers a startling color contrast to the turquoise ocean and deep azure sky. In fact, a tiny glass charm necklace filled with pale pink sand is de rigueur for visitors returning to the mainland-- but if you prefer a more ambient souvenir, here are two olfactory reminders of the rosy wonderland just over the horizon.

While exploring different scents in the Bag of Wonderful, Nan frequently found that the presence of a grapefruit note was the quickest way to her heart. Having never been comfortable with this particular perfume note, I may be a more difficult customer than Nan. But Pink passes the test with a grapefruit note whose subtlety liberates me to like it more. Rather than assume a central role, it's been applied as an ornament to a light, filmy bouquet of peony and silk flower sweetened with the clementine that is perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone's signature. Pink makes a perfect daily fragrance, serene and unobtrusive, as handy (and healing) a talisman as that polished rose quartz everyone in your office thinks is a mere paperweight.

Scent Elements: Bermuda mimosa (silk flower), clementine, white and pink peonies, pink grapefruit, waterflower, magnolia, pink pepper, laurel leaf, bois des iles

I never saw a woman fall in love so fast as when Nan sniffed Coral for the very first time. Witnessing waves of delight ripple over her face, I nearly blushed myself. Since that fateful day, I can positively state that no other fragrance in the Bag of Wonderful has traveled as far by her side, a constant companion riding safe and secure in her pocketbook like a lucky token. I must confess to a touch of envy, for Coral is a smoky, salty, flowery wonder. This classic interweave of freesia and orange blossom speaks the universal language of femininity: a woman could wear this all her life and always remain appropriate and elegant. Yet Coral proffers small details that elevate it above the usual girlish stereotypes-- a touch of melon here, a hint of rain and ozone there, an elusive wisp of smoke that never develops into something definite but won't permit you to ignore it. Like all fascinating females, Coral keeps you guessing.

Scent Elements: Clementine, ginger, freesia, tuberose, rose, orange blossom, hydrangea, woods, black pepper, musk