Bulletproof (Tokyo Milk)

Initially I was puzzled as to why this fragrance should be named Bulletproof. First impressions revealed a pale, serious heliotrope living the furthest thing from a life of danger. Frankly, this thing seemed like Après L'Ondée 2.0-- all raindrops and melancholy, wearing its heart on its funereal sleeve. (Sad Keanu, are you listening? Put the cupcake down and pay attention, honey.)

But the moment it touched skin, Bulletproof leapt into action as if spring-loaded. Whipping dexterously between notes (incense, coconut cream candy, grey ashy wood), it ramped up to ever-increasing speeds until a final daring rocket-jump landed it on a straightforward (and nicely masculine) anisic musk. True, I'd smelled similar accords before-- but this was definitely the first time I'd gotten there by leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

Through the exciting high-speed blur, one image swam to mind: that scene from The Matrix in which Neo dodges bullets without appearing to budge an inch, because he (being The One) moves faster than they can. And I found myself saying what only seemed appropriate given the circumstances.


Scent Elements: Smoked tea, coconut milk, crushed cedar, ebony woods