Essenza dell'Ibisco (DSH Perfumes)

For the same reason that the sudden appearance of aloha-wear signals that the luau is about to begin, there's something about hibiscus that promises a party.   This flower's starburst shape and dazzling range of color suggest celebratory fireworks; tuck one casually behind an ear and watch people start scoping around hopefully for finger foods and tiny paper drink umbrellas.

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz's "essence of hibiscus" has nothing to do with hibiscus, but everything to do with good times and relaxation. If such a thing as a party pheromone existed, it would smell like this-- heady, sweet, persuasive, like a pitcherful of Sex on the Beach and everything that follows.  At the same time, Essenza dell'Ibisco manages to capture the healthful, ruby-toned tartness of roselle tea even in the absence of its main ingredient.  Neat trick, to have your punch and drink it, too!

Scent Elements: Apricot, boronia absolute, mandarin, osmanthus, centifolia rose absolute, jasmine, orris, tuberose, ylang-ylang, ambergris, benzoin, cistus absolute, civet, labdanum, frankincense, sandalwood, true Arabian myrrh