La Vie La Mort (Tokyo Milk)

La Vie La Mort begins la vie as a sweet sugary tuberose with a tropical coconut butter-biscuit overtone. It progresses swiftly -- and by swiftly, I mean with almost obscene haste -- through an attenuated soapy-musk drydown en route to la mort.

Despite its ephemeral nature (or maybe even more keenly as a result) -- I liked it very much.  From it, I got a nice mental image of a city bodega-- the scent of freshly-baked coconetes, a jelly jar full of white flowers in front of a postcard of Stella Maris, a seven-day good-luck votive candle flickering next to the cash register...

It just seemed awfully sad to walk in the door seconds before the candle was due to go out.  Oh well... c'est la vie.

Scent Elements: White tuberose, cardamom, hibiscus leaf, jasmine