28 La Pausa (Chanel)

Was Bob Dylan boasting when he sang that all he had was "a red guitar, three chords, and the truth"? This perfume has only two notes -- iris and vetiver -- and look what it can do. It brings tears to my eyes and a tremble to my lips, shakes my edifices, rattles my windows, dusts off my karma, restores my faith in the universe, and strips me of at least three of the seven veils. If Dylan ever smelled 28 La Pausa, I think he might find a fragrance that would collect his clip, buy his animal, straighten out his bird, commission his bath, sell him to the cigarette, animal his soul, knit his return, bathe his foot, and collect his dog.

I swear to you I am sober.

If you like the combination of iris and vetiver, now's the time to cry Oh happy day! But why stop there? If you also like the scent of wet earth and tree roots, of spring rain on newly-blown tulips, of tequila and salt in plentiful supply, of ice-cold raw green pepper or arugula on a blistering day-- lord, what a treat is in store for you!

Being an EdT and therefore a naturally time-limited pleasure, 28 La Pausa makes an ideal extravagance for a quickie summer vacation.  Be forewarned that you will need to use ridiculous amounts and reapply like a maniac to keep its refreshing chill in sight-- but if you are faithful and lay in extra supplies, you can have an olfactory aurora borealis in hues of pale violet, green, and tawny gold undulating across your inner sky for as long as you choose your summer to last.

Ride it all the way to paradise.

Scent Elements: Iris, vetiver