Bel Respiro (Chanel)

In Italian, bel respiro means "deep breath". Of all the Chanels I'm reviewing this week, I chose Bel Respiro on purpose yesterday because I had a rather nerve-wracking doctor's appointment lined up, and I knew that many deep breaths would be required to get through it.

Whilst sitting in the waiting room, I prepared myself not with timelines of my condition or litanies of questions in need of answers, but with mental snapshots of the salt marsh near my childhood home. There, graceful in their attitudes of acceptance, head-high fronds of pliant horsetail grass bent to the prevailing air currents-- then sprang joyfully and proudly upright as each breeze passed on by.

I leaned forward, elbow propped on knee, resting my chin in my hand. To other patients, I may have appeared deep in thought, but I merely wanted to inhale Bel Respiro from my wrist a few more times before my turn with the doctor came. A bouquet of calming herbs met my nose-- it could as well have been carried there by steam from a cup of tisane, homely and unpretentious, made only with my health and tranquility in mind.  When at last I heard my name called, I felt calm, centered, ready to confront my fate. Bel Respiro had done its work quietly and well, fading at a rate commensurate with the diminishment of my anxieties.

The news the doctor had to offer was better than anything my fearful brain had whispered to me at midnight, when I had lain awake and troubled by all that could be possible. As I left his office, a different voice altogether whispered: Erleichda. Lighten up.

Good advice.

Scent Elements: Green tea, rosemary, thyme, rose, lilac, hyacinth, aromatic grasses, myrrh, leather