Coeur de Fleur (Miller Harris)

There are days when one cannot bear anything so rich as roses, when the most flagrant vagary is by far preferable to all things cut and dried and clearly defined. Coeur de Fleur suits the mood of such a day. It locates itself in the elusive "heart of the flower", yet is the least floral thing I can name. It smells of milk, sap, honey, spice, all in dilution; it makes not the slightest promise and so delivers not a single disappointment. I rather like its noncommittal attitude. After all, a flower's heart by definition must be a fickle thing, designed as it is to wither and fade. So is this fragrance, and it makes no bones about it.

It is not forever. But while it lasts, all things sweet are gathered in its light-fingered grasp.

Scent Elements: Sweet pea, mimosa, raspberry, peach, Florentine iris, Madagascan vanilla, Egyptian jasmine, amber