Fumerie Turque (Serge Lutens)

When ill winds blow and incense supplies are low, a few grains of demerara sugar on a lit charcoal disk will do in a pinch. As it sizzles and pops, the sugar produces a copious cloud of medieval-smelling smoke powerful enough to dispel the imps of melancholy, but sweet enough to coax an acolyte to add just a grain or two more to the thurible.

Sugar alone, however, is not exactly an incense. One could make a blend of it: add dried flower petals, powdered resins, flakes of golden tobacco, salt-cured juniper berries-- but why go to all that trouble when the smoke's already been bottled? Save your tender fingertips some nasty charcoal burns and spray some Fumerie Turque instead. Simply put, your demons will scatter with hisses of dismay, while good spirits congregate to inquire what smells so gosh-darned good.

To which you might answer: Holy smokes.

Scent Elements: Honey, beeswax, jasmine, Turkish rose, chamomile, tobacco, juniper berry, tonka, patchouli, rum, vanilla, redcurrant, styrax, suede