Maharadjah and Maharanih (Parfums De Nicolaï)

Here's a pair of perfumes so intertwined, it's hard for me to think about, write about, or even wear them separately. Though fraternal rather than identical, these twins seem destined even by their given names to stick together throughout eternity.

Both Maharadjah and Maharanih make use of a common proprietary base (shall we call it Nicolade?) of cinnamon-and-carnation-enhanced sandalwood (I recognize it from Sacrebleu; do you?) customized with lavendar and patchouli. From this baseline, Patricia de Nicolaï simply tweaks the thermostat-- cooling Maharadjah with a hygienic mint-clove accord and warming Maharanih with sweet orange and lingering civet. The wearer must decide for themselves which olfactory garment of the two best suits the climate of the day-- but whichever they choose, they can't really lose, as they're getting the same basic (and very hospitable) perfume either way.

Wearing Maharadjah and Maharanih together proves the biggest treat and elevates the pairing to a new level.  The admixture of Maharadjah's minty-herbal notes and Maharanih's mellow citrus-amber produces (to my nose, anyway) a hologram of Richardson's Butter Mints, those adorable little pastel pillows of creamy-chalky delight that make their appearance in a cut-glass bowl at the end of a good restaurant meal.  Symbolic of satisfaction, their scent transferred to one's wrists is a very happy, no indigestion as you struggle to calculate the tip!

Scent Elements: Lavender, carnation, cinnamon, patchouli, sandalwood, mint, coriander, clove, vanilla (Maharadjah); lavender, carnation, cinnamon, patchouli, sandalwood, bigarade, sweet orange, rose, amber, civet (Maharanih)