Sunda/Nomad (Odin New York)

Are you one of the many who misses Mandarin Santal by Victoria's Secret with all your earthly being? Lucky mortal: as near as my nose can claim, the fragrance formerly known as Nomad is as close to a replica of our much-lamented lost Parfum Intime as we could dream.

Everything's in place: that sweet, succulent citrus top note (which here lasts and lasts), that narcotically rich and buttery sandalwood, that enfolding sense of cozy-dozy warmth and satiny comfort, that incredible longevity. But you expect things such as richness and longevity from an EdP like Mandarin Santal. What do you say when you receive them from an EdT? For Sunda to accomplish these feats at its lower concentration moves its achievement into a new class deserving of slightly higher marks. So even if Sunda and Santal smell exactly the same... Sunda gets the extra star.

While still in circulation, Mandarin Santal cost $55 for 50ml. Sunda keeps the exchange rate even at $110 for 100ml.  And this time it's for everyone who wants to smell delicious... not just the Victorias amongst us.

Scent Elements: Juniper berries, cedar, bergamot, black pepper, heliotrope, tonka bean, sandalwood, musk