Century (Odin New York)

If Luca Turin's proposal is true -- that a multi-perfume collection released by a single house can only contain one standout -- perhaps there's an equal and opposite corollary for really good collections that contain one dud. Of Odin New York's original trio of fragrances, Sunda and Owari were extremely pleasant. Extending the luck, Petrana (Odin's fourth) is a marvel.  I haven't tried number five (or is that 06?) Amanu yet, but maybe the law of averages has already been satisfied by Century. I sincerely hope so.

As far as wobbles go, Century's not an utter disaster. I mean, it doesn't cause screaming fits, facial tics, or uncontrollable impulses to scrub. It's too vague for any of that-- a weak smell like scented hand soap, leaving no definite impression behind. In a word, it's forgettable-- which (all things considered) is not so bad a status. To be so terrible that no one can scour you from their memory is, I imagine, a fate worse than forgettability.

Scent Elements: Birch, cypress, mint, vetiver, myrrh, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, amber