Intrigant Patchouli (Parfumerie Générale)

Joining L'Air de Rien, Muscs Koublaï Khän, and Ambre 114 in the hippie-pong party aisle, Intrigant Patchouli stands out as the brightest beacon shining through the purple haze.  It bears a resemblance to any number of other hookah-den fragrances, but its raunch is arguably the most cheerful of the lot.   All the gravity inherent in its animalic notes is offset by some amazingly buoyant naughty bits which boost those mood-altering effects through the stratosphere.   So while MKK smoulders silently in a bean-bag chair and L'Air de Rien dreamily twirls her hair around a henna-daubed pinky, Intrigant keeps the records spinning, the dance floor grooving, and fingers snapping all over the joint.

With a wink and a wiggle, this hostess knows how to heat up a happening! 

Scent Elements: Ginger, lemon, citron, mandarin, patchouli, Mysore sandalwood, civet, castoreum, benzoin, amber, musk, honey, vanilla