Owari (Odin New York)

Today, simplicity and silence are my only objects; therefore, Odin New York's Owari is my flavor du jour. Its low-key citrus and cubeb harmony surrounds me like a protective presence, an impermeable zone of influence. Yet despite its strong arm, it's also wholly unobtrusive; it will never distract me or tax my patience with unnecessary noise while it escorts me around town. The professional silence it maintains while on the clock is profound and admirable. Give that man a raise!

When so much intrudes upon our daily quiet, clamoring for our attention, to say of a thing that you "think nothing of it" is the greatest praise. By that definition, Owari is the best bodyguard money can buy. I can count on it to get my back when things heat up... and to keep its mouth shut afterwards.

Scent Elements: Mandarin, bergamot, grapefruit leaf, cubeb pepper, amyris, neroli, cedarwood, amber, musk