Vanilla with a vengeance.

Vanilia (L'Artisan) and VanillaVille Demi-Absolute (Soivohle)

Here we have two smooth motherfuckers, one mellow and one manic. When they arrive on your doorstep, you might think you're in for a round of Good Cop/Bad Cop... but appearances mislead, and the law is nowhere in sight.

Don't let his bad black suit decieve you: the first gentleman has the beachy-clean soul of a California surfer, all Sex Wax, cocoa butter, and soap-on-a-rope. Sure, he carries a MAC-10 with a silencer, but in terms of Five Dollar Milkshakes, he's one hundred percent Rowan & Martin. You wonder how on earth he could ever have been mistaken for a heavy. This sweet guy? Surely it's all a misunderstanding.

But then you meet his partner. Ten seconds with him and you're sure of one thing only: unless you stay calm and cooperate, there is no way you're getting out of this alive. He starts off bold and hearty, with back-slapping pleasantries all around. Little by little, you notice that his friendliness is just a touch aggressive. Seconds after you ask yourself, Why doesn't he ever blink? you shiver to recognize the glint of apocalypse in his eye. By the time he starts shouting, "And you will KNOW my name is the LORD when I LAY MY VANILLA UPON YOU--" you may wish you had Mr. Mellow on your side again.

But there ain't no Mr. Mellow here, Jack. Both of your visitors are equally armed and dangerous, and they are here to do serious business. You want to get off easy, civilian? Get thee to the drugstore and buy some Vanilla Fields. That's one gun guaranteed not to be loaded.

Scent Elements: Vanilla and ylang-ylang absolutes (Vanilia)/ Leather, tobacco, sweet fennel, pink pepper, spices, birch tar, sandalwood, amyris, tarragon, orange flower, rose, jasmine, benzoin Siam, toasted almonds, vanilla absolute, vanilla tincture (VanillaVille)