Dear John (LUSH)

I wish to god this came in a deodorant.

Don't laugh at me! My longing for greater creativity in functional product fragrance is a serious matter. We're all habituated to such a limited palette of body scents ("breezy", "sporty", "powder fresh") that the idea of routinely smelling like clove-studded Mexican limes on a thick bed of evergreen needles might sound like a shot across the bow. (But wasn't that sort of gentle revolutionary tactic the very point of Estee Lauder's Alliage? It can work, people. It CAN.)

I would rather that my underarms exuded this scent than anything the personal hygiene industry has provided for me thus far. However, LUSH might want to hammer out the kinks in Dear John's longevity, because a deodorant simply cannot quit after only an hour... and nor should a fragrance this fun.

Scent Elements: Lime, coffee, clove bud, coriander, vetiver, cedarwood, pine