White Gold and 24K Gold (Jivago)

Choosing a daily perfume is a process similar to prospecting for gold. Today, for instance, I grabbed my morning fragrance blind out of a pile of as-yet-unsniffed scents. Squinting at the label, I harbored momentary doubts; normally I would look askance at a company that packages their perfume like Goldschlager, the gold-flake-laden firewater beloved of hoochie-mamas everywhere. But then I remembered the gushingly positive report a colleague of mine had given Jivago's 24K Gold (2010), and I figured she must know what she's talking about, so I went for it.

What's the word on White Gold? Well, it's white, all right. Largely consisting of prim muguet and very light musk, it smells as crisp and hygienic as a batch of dry-cleaning just picked up from the laundromat. A nice floral sweetness balances atop all this laundry starch, and I won't deny it smells very nice indeed for about three minutes. But it dries down fast -- AWFUL fast -- and settles on unexciting vanilla for its endnote. Consarn it!

If you're panning for a nice everyday fragrance, I'd go with 24K Gold instead. This warm amber floral lasts longer and pleases the nose with its promises of comfort. In this instance, it proves the real article, while White turns out to be nothing but fool's Gold.

Scent Elements: White peony, lily-of-the-valley, iris, rosewood, white musk, vanilla (White Gold); jasmine, tuberose, Bulgarian rose, lily-of-the-valley, iris, amber (24K Gold)