Bliss Eau de Toilette (Bliss)

Great and mighty Þór, it's hot. A parade of rambunctious thunderstorms has passed through our county, bringing torrents of rain and deadly displays of lightning, but no respite. Yesterday evening, the sky turned an ominous yellow, and the terrifying sight of mammatus clouds appeared above-- both indicators of dangerous (possibly even tornadic) weather. Sure enough, a violent tempest descended, blowing out electrical transformers and leaving us in the dark to stew in our own juices overnight.

This morning promises another breezeless and oppressive day. Luckily, I've got a remedy: Bliss, the eponymous signature fragrance of the NYC day spa. Its premise couldn't be simpler: iced cucumber water in a tall glass trickling with condensation. It cools everything-- your fingertips, your lips, your parched throat, even your eye as you admire its sparkle and glow. It isn't a terribly complex scent, but then, complexity is not required in these circumstances-- just relief, which it provides in abundance. With excellent longevity, the effects of Bliss outlast the heatwave and enable you to keep it cool... real cool.

Scent Elements: Bergamot, "dewy greens", "sunny blooms", cucumber, lily, ylang-ylang, violet, musk