Encre Noire (Lalique)

First off: the melancholy scent of blank paper.

Next comes the ink: barbed characters written in bitterest vetiver.

The pen, by definition, must be poison-- but the poetry is divine.

Scent Elements: Bourbon vetiver, Haitian vetiver, cypress, cashmere woods, musk

I bought a sample from the Perfumed Court, wore it for one day, realized I COULD NOT LIVE without this scent (which is indispensible to vetiver lovers). I then proceeded with terrifying haste to buy a full bottle on Amazon. I could wear Encre Noire every day of my life (well, every OTHER day-- alternating Flora Bella, Breath of God, and Cabochard for the remaining days). I am not kidding. If they ask me what my blood type is, I'll tell them Encre Noire.