Eau Lente (Diptyque)

Frida is having more luck with opopanax than me. Inspired by her post and hoping to be similarly enamored, I wore Diptyque Eau Lente for about two hours on Thursday morning before shouting "Basta!" and lunging for my sprayer of PdN Sacrebleu.

It seems unfair even to me that I should cavil about something as lovely and harmless as this fragrance. Granted, I woke up that morning in a piss-poor mood, having slept badly the night before; my jaw hurt from nocturnal teeth-grinding, and none of my clothes seemed to fit due to continuing post-surgery Super Nightmare Funhouse Tummy. The milk of human kindness had apparently turned to clabber. Is it possible that I might have demonstrated impatience towards any scent, however brilliant, that morning? Undoubtedly so.

Eau Lente happened to draw the short straw. Sorry, kid.

Look, if you like opopanax, Eau Lente is Opopanax City. But if you have already experienced the heart-rending IMAX-3D aurora borealis of Shalimar, you might find opopanax alone as engrossing as the end credits. If you prefer a culinary rather than cinematic parallel, Eau Lente is as sweet, bland, and monochromatic as white-frosted angelfood on a milk-glass cake plate. And that's just fine, if that's what you like. Me, I'll stick with Shalimar's Riz à l'Impératrice... or Sacrebleu's fizzy gelée studded with ruby-red berries.

Scent Elements: Cinnamon, clove, Indian spices, opopanax