Sunset Rider Absolute (Soivohle)

Well, I suppose it had to happen sometime-- a Soivohle that didn't agree with me. Sure, things got off to a great start with a lovely bright mandarin sinking into a dusky Joylike jasmine-- but that's the exact point where this perfume and I stopped speaking.

Lord knows that jasmine and I only see eye to eye under very particular conditions-- emotional, atmospheric, and otherwise. Humidity is usually a dealbreaker, so I deliberately waited for a cool, dry day to attempt a détente. No luck: Sunset Rider turned to soapy sugar on me, fast and fierce and forever.

Perfume regret -- though not the choicest of companions when the long day stretches ahead -- encourages reflection. I have known jasmines that smelled heavenly on me (Liz Zorn's very own Calcutta being one of them), but this one -- plainly and sadly -- does not. Still, being that I cannot judge this flower with perfect objectivity, I am loath to say that it was all Sunset Rider's fault.

Maybe I'll wait six months and give it another shot.

Or maybe I'll see whether the Yin Hao that Colleen kindly sent me is any more inclined towards diplomacy.

Scent Elements: Jasmine, red mandarin, moss, woods