Cozé (Parfumerie Générale)

Every time I go for one of those "choose any five" sets from the Perfumed Court, I end up hitting one sample out of the five so regularly that it's reduced to dregs before the others are even half finished. Cozé is that sample, and I believe my heavy repeated usage is due to my puzzlement over how to describe it.

I wear it in search of clues.

Sometimes Cozé smells like Shakedown Street. Sometimes Cozé smells like a Williams-Sonoma. Sometimes Cozé smells like those glass jars overflowing with dyed incense sticks you see down on the Boardwalk. Sometimes Cozé smells like a bowl of really top-notch mint stracciatella ice cream. My husband says it's all about the woods.  I swear that pimiento is the name of this game. We both agree about the marijuana note-- it's not the raw, skunky, green stuff evident in Dupetit Cannabis, but the complex, stratified smoky residue found clinging to a person who only intended to go see My Morning Jacket that one time three summers ago, and now look.

Cozé is magical, mystical, mesmerizing-- a sleepy, stoned, out-of-it fragrance for cuddling way down deep.  But if I'm going to drop everything to follow a full bottle cross-country, I'd have to say that Iris Taïzo (Cozé's close-lipped, slightly forbidding sister) is the one for me.

Between cruel and kind, cruel gets me every time.

Scent Elements: Indian hemp, patchouli, coffee, pimiento, pepper, sandalwood, ebony wood, Virginian cedar, tobacco, Bourbon vanilla