Dzing! and Dzonghka (L'Artisan)

I know I'm supposed to enjoy a Big Top experience with Dzing! (originally named "Désir de Cirque"), but all I get is the take-home souvenir program. That is to say: Dzing! smells like something fresh off the printing press-- and having worked long ago for a commercial offset printer, I know whereof I speak. Back in the day, I would use any available pretext to abandon the sales counter and sneak off to the press room, where the sweet-acrid-chemical scents of printer's ink and machine oil permeated the atmosphere with creative potential. Dzing! is how I imagine Hatch Show Prints smell, sitting in stacks way out west in Nashville... long before they ever reach the promised circus.

As for Dzongkha, it's essentially a very likable, mild cedar in which natural rawness and Far-East elegance live side by side-- somewhat like a hand-carved wooden screen (complete with nicks, splinters, and rough patches) which nevertheless looks like the finest lace when backlit by the sun. That being said, I join Josephine in her heartfelt plea that Bertrand Duchaufour check himself before he wreck himself. That's quite a dance card you've got going, brother! You might want to slow it down!

Scent Elements: According to sources as far-flung as NowSmellThis, OsMoz, Fragrantica, and L'Artisan itself, Dzing! contains golden and white woods, toffee, caramel, saffron, ginger, cinnamon, rose, iris, daffodil, tonka bean, leather, musk, benzoin, basalm Peru, costus, and castoreum-- most likely arranged in a three-ring setup under one hell of a tent. Dzonghka is far simpler, consisting of peony, lychee, cardamom, white tea, iris, vetiver, cypriol, cedar, leather, and incense all doing their routine together smoothly and professionally.