Ilang Ivohibe (Parfumerie Générale)

Obviously Ilang Ivohibe is about the ylang-ylang flower, but who am I to pass up an chance to put a baobab tree in a blog post? Madagascar (and not the Little Prince's asteroid) is where baobabs grow, along with 170 species of palm, the fabulous ring-tailed lemur, the world's teenytiniest chameleon... and maybe one vain little flower.

To see the delightfully-named robust ghostpipefish, you'll have to swim to Nossi-bé. And while you're swimming, you'll smell something very like Ilang Ivohibe: a metallic sparkling top note, like sunlight on the flank of a wave, a zing! of sea salt and spray, and finally petals, creamy and limpid, spiraling down into shade.

Like most dream journeys, it lasts only a heartbeat. But in that moment, like the stealthy growth of the baobabs or the fragility of a very particular flower... it's a matter of great consequence.

Scent Elements: Orange, ylang-ylang, jasmine, vanilla