Thé Pour un Été (L'Artisan)

I have been known to love the scent of Elmer's glue, of gasoline, of machine oil and WD-40, of kerosene and turpentine and rubber cement. I have huffed industrial fumes in so many places (Linden, Elizabeth, Perth Amboy, Kearny) and so many perfumes (coupled with vanilla in Bulgari Black; comfy as machine-shop coveralls in Dior Fahrenheit; sleek, reflective, and bulletproof in Nuit Noire) that it comes as a surprise to dislike them here. Context is king, I suppose; among smokestacks, gear shafts, and trainyards, these smells make sense-- but blended with Ladies' Auxiliary tea and lemon, nothing computes. And no-way-no-how have I ever loved the acrid air escaping the plastic wrapper in which cheap dollar-store goods are sold. Attempting to conceal it under a layer of jasmine only heightens that which is hidden: an essential ugliness, honest enough on its own but ludicrous when presented in Laura Ashley floral print, pinkies aloft.

Pour un été? The end of one, maybe-- and not a moment too soon.

Scent Elements: Bergamot, lemon, green tea, maté, peppermint, cedar, jasmine