Niona Eau de Parfum (Niona)

When you have something difficult or painful to say, a good piece of advice is to write two letters.

In the first letter, say everything you have to say exactly the way you FEEL it-- no holds barred, no punches pulled. Get it out of your system. Then set it aside, because nastiness serves no purpose.

Now write a second letter. In this letter, you will pare away all messy emotions and accusatory statements like "You always--" or "You never--", instead substituting much more reasonable statements that begin, "When you do so-and-so, it makes me feel..." or "I would really like it if..."

This is the letter you will actually send.

Letter #2

Dear Niona Eau de Parfum,

When you cause my head to jerk back that fast after sniffing you, it makes me feel as though you're hurting me on purpose. I would really like it if you did not do that.

Yours sincerely,

Scent Elements: Gardenia-scented VoBan.