InekeFest, the rest: Balmy Days & Sundays.

So where was I?...

Balmy Days & Sundays. Doesn't that name suggest relaxation, leisure, the warmth of summer? The name alone will have to do, for the perfume offers no such thing. Balmy Days is a cadaverously cold floral chypre, a 'wire-mother' of a fragrance whose very manner forbids attachment. Its flowers come from a refrigerated display case lit by a chilly blue fluorescent bulb. Its greens are hardly that, for they lack the intervening touch of sunlight that would have invested them with vital chlorophyll.

Balmy Days sure enough is a pretty thing, if you like your pretty things icy and affectless; come July or August, I may appreciate its ability to instantly induce sangfroid. But the recent experience of shivering in a cold, dark house thanks to Superstorm Sandy may have adversely influenced my opinion. Is it too soon? Yes. Yes, it is.

Scent Elements: Freesia, leafy greens, grass, honeysuckle, rose, mimosa, chypre accent, musk