InekeFest, the rest: Briar Rose.

At first spritz I thought I might be in for fresh disappointment, as Briar Rose initially presented itself to me as a watery fragrance programmed for instant fade. But about ten minutes later (during which time I slyly checked on the notes), I realized I'd been duped once more by the tricksy and perfidious violet. A blast of ionones had shut down my honker just long enough for Briar Rose to drape shimmery rose and berry notes all around the joint like festive red-and-purple fairy lights-- and when I came to, I found myself in the midst of an olfactory surprise party. Faith restored, I'm positively raring now to check out the Floral Curiosity series whence Briar Rose came. Get me to an Anthropologie!

Scent Elements: Rose, blackberry, bitter almond, spices, violet, patchouli, cacao absolute