InekeFest, the rest: Chemical Bonding and Derring-Do.

Have you ever feared that you might be on the verge of a seizure? For me, it's not only the sight of strobe lights that bring on the panic, but a very particular noise-- the high-pitched ping-ping-ping of metal tapping metal. Silver bells, wind chimes, a swaying windowblind chain that keeps striking the metal casement over and over in the breeze-- something about the combination of high-hertz frequency and repetitive rhythm causes my brain to ripple out of control.

Synesthetically speaking, Chemical Bonding and Derring-Do achieve the same results on behalf of the world of scent. One's a bright blackberry-laced peony, and other's a zingy citrus-cedar; both are stridently "fresh", singing from my skin in a glass-shattering treble register. I'm not saying they're bad; not at all. But if I were a suspension bridge, they would be Nikola Tesla's ball peen hammer and stethoscope... and the police would be called upon to interfere.

Scent Elements: Citrus, tea, blackberry, peony, amber, musk (Chemical Bonding); hesperides, cyclamen, rain and fougère notes, cardamom, magnolia, pepper, musk, guaiacwood, Virginia cedar (Derring-Do)