InekeFest, the rest: Evening Edged in Gold.

Up to this point, all of Ineke's fragrances seem to have been designed for so-called "morning people"-- those aggressive smilers who shout, WAKE UP, SUNSHINE! whenever they catch you in a pensive private moment. Evening Edged in Gold marks a departure from the crisp botanicals that characterize the series thus far.

Like a couturière who makes a mid-career switch from stiff and scratchy taffetas to the yielding flow of satin, Ineke Ruhland dips here into a more exotic olfactionary to produce a fragrance so indolent, so forgiving of all excess, that you wish you could make it your mistress. This gentle admixture of sweet plum, creamy datura, and warm saffron notes joins (and perhaps even outdoes) Gilded Lily in the "night owl" category of perfumes: luxurious, sympathetic, and above all, discreet. Never will it raise its voice when what you need is unbroken quiet. In a sense, it's the perfect scent-- not for the evening cited in its name, but for the morning after, when a whisper is the best remedy for a rather tender head.

Scent Elements: Osmanthus, plum, angel's trumpet (Datura), saffron, cinnamon bark, midnight candy flower (Zaluzianskya capensis or night-blooming phlox), leather, woods