InekeFest, the rest: Hothouse Flower.

You'd think that twelve years of working in a public library would teach me not to judge books by their covers... but with Hothouse Flower, can you blame me? The name and the notes suggest a languid pale blossom nestled in lush green foliage. Ha!

Here's proof that you can indeed get figs from thistles-- for Hothouse Flower is a well-balanced portrait not of a flower, but of that famous fruit, caught here halfway on its journey toward ripeness. The milky green note of its youth is augmented by a lovely, legible note of cornsilk, as fresh and raw as if just shucked from an ear of sweet corn. (This essence, you will allow, is one of summer's purest delights.) Creamy gardenia suggests the dark honey of the mature fig, but a good dose of tea and galbanum keeps the sweetness from turning trite or cloying. There's even a mirage of salty coconut to hold the wearer's interest through the drydown.

My husband calls Hothouse Flower "nice and clean"-- high praise in his book, and therefore in mine, since we DO share. But this book is not short on naughty bits... so perhaps this is one for the bedside table, kept close at hands for evenings when sleep is negotiable.

Scent Elements: Greens, cypress, Earl Grey tea, galbanum, gardenia, fig, frankincense, cornsilk, guaiacwood, musk