Seeking solace.

This morning, when I rummaged through my scent collection in search of a fragrance to gird me against the endlessly brimming tears, the strangest volunteer stepped forward. I expected a perennial toughass like Jolie Madame to take the assignment. Instead, Anna Sui Original -- a cuddly lil' nothin' full of red berries and vanilla -- sidled up and tugged my sleeve. It turned out to be just what I needed to make it through another day of careworn chaos.

Now, "dessert-course gourmand" is not the genre for which I instinctively reach on a normal day. Habit, taste, and preference prompt me to choose incense, spices, leather, wood. But none of these are proving helpful right now. Life-after-hurricane is such an emotional minefield, I do not think I could bear to wear anything that isn't 100% gentle and forgiving. By gum, this is the moment for big ol' softie sweetfest fragrances to claim their day in the sun!

"A shocking lot of you swan around smelling like pie," Tania Sanchez remarked about wearers of Jessica Simpson's Fancy-- and right now, I have to confess that I would much rather be on the receiving end of a snootful of Fancy than one of the finest vintage Cabochard.