Nuit de Noël Eau de Toilette (Caron)

Come Christmas, I am no damn fun. The silver tinsel of this glittering season conceals a tripwire of anxiety that invariably snags me and pulls me up short.  Is it the lights? The noise? The annual consumer crush that kicks off earlier and packs more pressure with every passing year? Is it residual trauma from time served in mall retail? Is it the desperate anxiety that I'll never find the perfect gift, or (having thought I found it) the mortification of learning that it's not what was wanted? Is it that wealth of past personal experience which tells me that holidays turn reasonable people into snarling beasts, or beloved friends into fist-happy brawlers?

Or is it the pressure (certainly not confined to only one time of the year) to do everything perfectly and never, never take one false step?

Nuit de Noël lets me off these and all other hooks. It is the most reassuring scent in the world-- a bland panna cotta of a fragrance, uniformly silken and digestible, utterly divested of all fuss or complication. It wears like the smoothest, slipperiest microfiber suede (beige, of course!) and plays like a hum of familiar background noise-- soft and undifferentiated, as if coming from very far away. And this strikes me as perfectly suited to the season-- because come Christmas, what I really want is to get away from it all.

Scent Elements: Ylang-ylang, rose, jasmine, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, amber